Maintain A Healthy Balance Between Dealing With Love And Forgiveness And Enforcing Rules

Of the different styles of education that exist, researchers have found that the most effective is the one that creates positive relationships and applies norms or rules.

Jesus maintained a perfect balance between Grace and Truth. He is the best model we can have to educate in a healthy way. Build good relationships and expect obedience from our children. In that order.

A fenced play area

A very illustrative image of this style of education would be “a fenced play area.” Family should be a nice, fun and welcoming place. A place where you can enjoy God and each other. It should be a sanctuary of happiness and encouragement where relationships are prioritized. Something like … A playground !. But not just any park but a protected playground.

To protect the family and the relationships within it, we need to have clear and well-defined rules, as they help to maintain a healthy environment in our home.

The fences protect us from loitering outside the park in dangerous territory and, at the same time, keep the danger out of the protected area.

Matter of balance

A family with truth but without grace is like a fence without a playground inside. It can be a safe place, but it can also be a dead place. It is like a jail. And, on the other hand, a family with grace but without truth is like a playground without a fence. There may be a lot of fun in it, but there is a risk of being overtaken by danger or destruction.

A fenced playground is optimal, as it is a place of balance between grace and truth. A space where rules and relationships go hand in hand to lead us to the desired goal. And if we want our marriages and families to work, we need to combine these two ingredients in the same way. That balance is essential for a family to function properly and be happy.

We all know that God is full of Grace and Truth. We are drawn to the person of Jesus Christ because he is the greatest exponent of redemption and power that arise as a result of that balance between Grace and Truth.

Your marriage and your family can have that same redeeming force. Are you walking in that balance? Listen to the people around you. It is a good way to identify your fault. For example, what things does your husband or wife complain about? What do other people say about the way you educate your children? Are you lacking in grace (too fenced off)? Do you lack truth (too much playing area)?

One last tip

If you want, you can find balance by opening your heart to God and allowing others to speak into your life. Our advice: strive to make your family like a playground, but don’t forget to protect it with a sturdy fence.

In summary, how can you help your child succeed in school? Keep a good balance; set rules, but also surround him with forgiveness and love.