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Soma Hair Technology - Organic Haircare. The most sophisticated colour protection line available. Guaranteed!

Designed specifically for colour-treated hair, Soma is uniquely formulated to prolong colour life, strengthen hair, increase smoothness and appearance, and protect hair from any adverse product reaction. Soma products are made with 100% natural ingredients to be Organic, Vegan and Biodegradable.

Blonde Silver Shampoo

This new shampoo is everything the Soma Colour Protect Shampoo is plus it transforms your blonde or gray hair into a vibrant, bold look without a brassy finish view details

Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying professional deep cleansing shampoo is designed to remove all styling product buildup as well as all trace minerals without diminishing hair colour. Great for swimmers to remove chlorine stains view details

Colour Protect Conditioner

Another major contributing factor causing colour
fadage is UV degradation.
To help reverse this, Soma has added Cinnamidopropyltrimonium Chloride, a highly active organic
UV absorber, and Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) seed extract
a free radical neutralizer. Colour Protect Conditioner instantly
improves hair condition with essential oils and proteins.
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Colour Protect Shampoo

Give your hair colour a boost of vibrancy and up to
six more weeks of freshness.
As with all Soma shampoos, the pH range is between 4.5 to 5.5 to guarantee that your hair cuticle
remains closed - locking in colour. This Sulfate-Free shampoo helps to detoxify your hair while
providing organic based proteins to ensure a healthy post-colour recovery.
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Concrete Texture Gel

The size of the molecule determines the drying time,
not alcohol.
This alcohol-free texture gel is guaranteed not to flake in your hair. Adds firm hold while avoiding
any build up in the hair. Humidity resistant.
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Curly Cue Enhancing Gel

Enhances slight waves to full on curls while
moisturizing, enhancing shine and eliminating frizz.
A non-resin based alcohol free gel. It uses hairs natural humidity to pull the curl up leaving it soft and
shiny. Curly Cue will not flake and is humidity resistant.
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Finishing Spray

Maintains maximum hold without weighting down hair. Low alcohol level so hair remains lustrous and proper pH level so hair is protected view details

Foaming Mousse

Our new foaming mousse is an alcohol free, pH-balanced and weightless mousse that adds volume and body to flat hair, while producing a vibrant shine view details

Gravity Hair Straightner

Formulated to straighten coarse, curly or wavy hair.
Anti-frizz and protein complexes leave the hair soft, smooth, and shiny while remaining resistant
to humidity. Made with Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, a thermal protector and frizz eliminator.
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Hot Body Voluminizing Gel

Pump up the volume and bounce with this amazing
Alcohol-Free blow-dry gel.
Revolutionary humidity resistant resins will maintain volume without adding weight, while
providing a touchable flexible hold to your hair.
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Leave In

Undo damage caused by colouring, hot tools, and
UV rays and revitalize your hair.
Made with organic Keratin Protein, a natural cuticle-binding protein that replaces lost
acids, and cinnamidopropyltrimonium Chloride, a highly active UV absorber. An alcohol-free detangler that will not weigh down even the finest of hair. Protects your hair year round.
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Moisture Conditioner

Infuse new life into damaged hair and let it shine
with superior hydration.
The end result is luxurious colour protected and detangled hair. Made with Acetamidopropyl
Trimonium Chloride, an organic derivative with superior
Humectant properties. Contains no silicones, and will
therefore not weigh down even the finest of hair.
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Moisture Shampoo

Keep your hair hydrated and healthy with superior
moisture from Soma?s Moisture Shampoo.
Made with Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, a moisturizing complex that penetrates the hair cuticle,
draws up to four times its own weight in moisture to quench your hair. Nourish your hair, and
preserve your colour with this Sulfate-Free Shampoo.
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Paste It Hair Gel

Get Medium Flexible hold with this Organic Hair Paste view details


Our new pomade is perfect for superior hold without that sticky finish. Allows for excellent control with a shiny look view details

Prism Spray Shine

Recharge fading colours and supercharge highlights
with Prism Shine Enhancer.
Protect your hair from humidity and static fly-aways. Lightweight and non-greasy pure silicones
also make Prism a great addition to flat iron styling.
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Rage Out Styling Creme

Piece and section medium to long hair with this
Alcohol-Free, anti-frizz styling crème.
Put some guts and texture back into medium length styles, and piece or separate longer styles
to add dimension. Humidity resistant resins and pure silicones create weightless brilliance and
maximize colour retention without any flaking.
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Reconstruct Deep Conditioner

There is nothing too challenging for this conditioner.
Reconstruct is packed with the best proteins and organics available on the market, to help rebuild
your hair cuticle back to a healthy state within a couple of uses. Revolutionary permanent-bond
formers such as Keratin and Wheat proteins carry a high abundance of amino acids. This promotes
shine and gloss to dry hair with immediate visible and
touchable improvement.
view details

Scalp Therapy

Get relief from itching, irritation, redness, flaking
or scaling associated with Dandruff or Psoriasis.
The active ingredient used is long-time proven coal tar liquid (2% strength). Although Scalp
Shampoo works exceptionally well on scalp irritations, its unique formulation is very gentle on
your hair. It will not strip or stain your colour and is designed to maintain and encourage the
health of your hair.
It doesn?t smell like mom?s apple pie but it sure works.
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Smoothin' Conditioner

Smoothin? Conditioner transforms your hair into
smooth, soft and detangled shiny hair.
Natural silicones (sea sand) will smooth the hair and help protect it from humidity and heat
styling, while its low pH squeezes the cuticle closed - thinning
thick, coarse hair.
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Smoothin' Shampoo

Get rid of frizz and protect your hair from thermal
damage with Smoothin? Shampoo from Soma.
Made with Fruitbio, a combination of lactic, citric and malic acids and green tea leaf extract helps
to eliminate frizz. This low pH shampoo helps to smooth, straighten and preserve your colour.
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Solace Anti-Frizz

Close split ends and control frizz, while adding
amazing shine and lubricity to unmanageable hair.
A unique alcohol-free blend of the most natural and purest organic silicones makes Solace a
lightweight and non-greasy alternative for shiny hair without the hold.
view details

Spike It Hair Glue

Get Superior Hold with this Organic Hair Glue view details

Voluminize Thermal Spray

For those who want to blast the volume of your
hair from the root out.
Flexible, humidity resistant and most of all creates touchable styles. Wheat and Keratin proteins
protect your hair, while adding fullness without stripping colour. Will maintain volume all day
without the addition of alcohol hairspray layered over top. (*39% VOC)
view details

Wave Spray Gel

Intensify curls, tame frizz, and maintain moisture.
Wave is humidity resistant, and excellent for use with hot rollers, velcro curlers or a diffuser. This
Alcohol-Free spray gel will pull the curl up while feeling like you have nothing in your hair.
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Weightless Conditioner

Those with fine hair can finally use a conditioner
without worrying about adding weight.
This light-weight conditioner still packs a punch with excellent
conditioning proteins and organic botanicals to keep hair
healthy and luminous.
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Weightless Shampoo

Give limp hair a lift with long lasting volume, shine,
and manageability.
Formulated with Polyquaterium-55, an organic copolymer that adds volume without weight,
Keratin Protein, a natural cuticle binding protein that repairs hair shafts, and Wheat Protein that
penetrates the hair shaft and draws moisture to swell the hair itself. This shampoo is Sulfate-Free
and helps preserve hair colour.
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